More smiles.

Connect to Africa does exactly what it says on the tin. We connect ready, willing volunteers with pre-vetted volunteering opportunities in East Africa at zero additional cost to the volunteer or project. More smiles all round.

12,000+ VOlunteers Connected

Through the power of social media we have amassed a following of over 12,000 volunteers and donors who have taken varying levels of interest in the CtA.

10,000kg Donations delivered

Our wide social media has has enabled sports clubs, clothing & shoe brands, companies, schools, universities to all become donors of equipment that our volunteers carry out to the projects we support.

800+ hours on the ground

Some of our volunteer network wanted to do more than support us in the UK and so we have now taken over 50 people out to Africa on 8 separate trips who have kindly given up  hours of their live to make a difference.

5,000 lives improved 

In just 4 short years, through Connect to Africa's varied projects, we estimate to have had a positive, and sometimes life-changing, effect on around 5,000 local children and adults in 6 countries (and we are not stopping there).